Etoile Business Center
3 rue du Colonel Moll 75017 Paris

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Opera Business Center
3 avenue de l’Opéra 75001

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What is a headquarter domiciliation

The company headquarter is its main address: just like people companies have a home address.

The choice of the headquarter address is crucial for the company's success

Thus, the headquarter address is not necessarily the place where employees work or where the production takes place. There is no need to have an office at the place where the company is domiciled.

The rules of domiciliation

It is legally allowed  to domicile a company at its legal representative home. Many entrepreneurs choose this option since one only needs to make a simple declaration which includes the following information:

  • Name, forename, address of the legal company representative
  • Company name
  • Headquarter address
  • Company unique identification number (not compulsory)

The company's legal headquarter address can also be shared with other companies at a domiciliation address.

In any case always choose a domiciliation company approved by the government

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